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Five Ways Social Media Can Benefit Your Business


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Most firms are involved with social media in one way or another.  If not, they should be!  Businesses around the world have been discovering the immense number of opportunities social media offers them.  It can directly contribute to your firm’s growth and success in multiple ways.

Reach a unique/new audience

Social media is a great way to increase the customer pool for a business, for free!  With over 2 million active users on social media, there are many different people who are able to come in contact with your company.  You can present your products, services, and culture to a variety of consumers and find a niche in the market.  You are not going to be able to reach every person on the web, but you will discover a certain group of people that make up your specific customer base and market directly to them.

Customer loyalty

When customers visit your different social media profiles, they are learning more about your firm and what it offers.  Social media can attract customers with online promotions and contests, or be used to relay different product information or exciting product releases.   Social media posts increase traffic to your website as well and help people to constantly stay in contact with your business.  The more positive contact they have with your brand builds loyalty and helps to create a long-term relationship.

Build brand awareness

A strong brand is crucial for a successful business.  Social media can greatly increase your brand awareness and help engage customers on the web.   It allows you to easily share your brand’s story with a large consumer base, which is especially beneficial to small businesses that may not have a large marketing budget.  It can illustrate what your corporate culture is like and help people to associate your brand with things they know, like community events you are involved in for example.  The more that you engage customers with your different social media profiles, the more they can spread the word and your influence will continue to grow.

Converse with customers

Many companies have started to use social media as a way to communicate with their customers and provide customer service via the internet.  It allows for a quick, easy way to respond to complaints, concerns, questions, or even positive feedback.  When you respond it demonstrates that you genuinely care about the consumer experience with your brand.  And it allows you to see what people want that you may not yet offer.

Market research/understand your customer base

You are able to track different consumer demographics through social media sites as well as social media management sites like Hootsuite.com.  This allows you to specifically tailor promotions and marketing materials to the consumers that are visiting your pages.  You can do simple and quick market research through the use of polls and questions on your posts as well.  This makes it very simple to understand what your customer base is looking for and how to provide that to them.

By Hanna Ellison

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