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Made Local Marketplace Featuring The Best Ohio Made Products

Made Local Marketplace

Made Local Marketplace Spring Show


Made LOCAL Marketplace is an exceptionally popular arts and crafts show that is guaranteed to be unlike any you have ever attended. It is a craft event featuring all the best Ohio-made goods and products from over 80 local vendors, and it is happening on Saturday March 28th at Bridgewater Banquet Center from 9:00am till 4:00pm. So why not come on down to do some shopping while also supporting Ohio’s local businesses? The admission is absolutely free!

A portion of the show proceeds will benefit Music Loves Ohio, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing opportunities for children of all backgrounds in Central Ohio to learn, perform, and record music.


Music Loves Ohio

We’re incredibly excited to be sponsoring the 2nd Made Local Marketplace Spring Show this year, with their wide range of amazingly talented and skilled vendors with beautifully crafted products ranging from furniture to food and everything else in between. There will also be live local music performances, fun events and contests throughout the entire day

If we haven’t yet sold the idea to you as to why you should come and visit the Made Local Marketplace this March, take a look at the 5 reasons below as to why you should check out the local made products and the benefits they can offer you!


  1. Keep it green

Local products take far less energy than a busy, mass production assembly line. This makes it far more environmentally friendly and sustainable.


  1. Worth every penny.

It’s no secret that most individuals value an object more when they are told it contains a particular air of authenticity. Many original handcrafted pieces are eventually worth more, as they are exactly that, original and unique!


  1. Local products and produce are simply better.

It’s not just the amorphous air of authenticity that often triggers people to purchase handcrafted goods. Handcrafted products are simply just better. You would probably agree with us that a handmade baked cake is far tastier than one that fell off an assembly line. Nothing really beats the taste of homemade foods from a conventional kitchen.


  1. Help local communities.

Locally owned and independent businesses, many of which typically sell goods that are produced by hand, see a higher return percentage of their revenue to their local communities than mass chains. This means the individuals who make money from sales at independent businesses are more than likely to spend their earned salary at places situated in the same local area as to where they work.


  1. Meet your needs.

Typically with handmade products, you may have the option of customizing your purchase. This is because you’re often speaking directly with the artisan who made the product when you make a purchase. This means that they may be able to tweak certain aspects of the product to specifically suit your needs, such as a slight amendment on a piece of furniture, or a slightly different design on a specific type of apparel of your choice.