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3 Quick Wins for Building Your Dream Team This Year

Many successful entrepreneurs will tell you that running a company is not as easy as it may sound. Your employees provide a key role within your business, and subsequently are the primary foundation to any company. Their role is to keep your company’s foundations strong and help build your company upward to success. Nevertheless, as a business owner your job is equally as fundamental in the running of your company. You are nevertheless, responsible for overall direction of your company. You cannot expect anyone else to fulfill your role or duties.


You are probably more than aware of what duties you need to carry out within your company, however how can you guarantee that the people you have hired are continually building your company upward? Most entrepreneurs have plenty experience in hiring new members for their team, but do they truly know what to look out for in an individual? To ensure your company is continually on the path to success you find need to first unearth the right individuals who can help you. Sounds easy? Don’t be fooled. This is where this guide comes in; we have 3 quick wins on how to build your perfect team for 2015 and what you should be looking out for in an individual when building your dream team.


  1. Size isn’t all that.


Some entrepreneurs make the mistake that more is better. This isn’t entirely true. It subsequently means you have more minds to manage, more costs and there is no guarantee that all of your staff are running at full speed. It’s better to have a smaller team of the right, enthusiastic individuals who want to work. You may be shocked to see 20 employees completing the workload of a 50 employee staff team, for example.


As your company’s owner, it’s your responsibility on determining what your company needs. Start by looking at each individual staff member, identify their weakness and strengths before figuring out where they are best suited for within the company. If you are a startup company, you may only be able to afford a small workforce and that’s completely fine, but make sure you hire those who have key skills and motivation to help contribute to your company’s growth.


  1. See internships as a cost effective solution, not a burden.


A majority of unexperienced entrepreneurs recoil at the thought of hiring ‘unknowledgable’ interns. It’s important to keep an open mind and see internships as a solution and not a hinderance. By hiring an intern for a few weeks will allow you to gain a sense of how they work and also a great opportunity in getting to know them. Interns are often found within companies to gain valuable experience and at the same time receive educational credit.


If you decide to hire a potential intern, remember to do your research on them. Good places to start are social media, gather information that is important to you and your company. If you need more questions answering, ask your potential intern to write up a proposal that demonstrates what value they could inject into your company.


If you’re not keep on placing advertisements or contacting local colleges in your area, you can also communicate with other business associates, friends, and even family that you have a position in your company for an internship.


  1. Your team should be a great source of motivation.


As most entrepreneurs will know, it can often be difficult to stay positive, at full speed and to keep your energy levels and enthusiasm topped up. This is where your dream team comes in. Your team should be able to inspire you and keep you enthusiastic about the tasks at hand. If your team is good at what they do, by knowing their roles, being reliable and also creative, it subsequently frees up crucial time for you to focus on what’s important for the company, rather than having to micromanage each and every single staff member to keep them focused and enthusiastic.

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